The Power of a Book Study

Reading a book as a leadership group is a transformative experience… it just is.

The leadership team here at Western Excelsior has been reading Simple Excellence by Zak and Waddell.  Each week a different member leads the discussion around pizza or ribs as we cover the content of one or two chapters.

We work hard to keep the discussion focused on the text.  Its not a surprise to hear someone clear their throat and call out “What do we think about when they said, ‘___________’ here on page ____?” to politely redirect a conversation careening down a rat-trail.

There is something liberating about conversationally tailing the concrete, prose-based thoughts of another human (especially another wise human).  Men whom I never expected to hear from are proposing great statements, freed from the confines of their quiet thoughts by fellowship, food and a challenging book.

Leaders are learners.

Learners are readers.

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