Being the youngest of 5 by 7 years to the next sibling in line, I have always been a believer in the power of unintended events

Accidental chains of events have fueled many great developments throughout history. Dr. Alexander Fleming is considered the father of antibiotics, but his discovery of penicillin could have been told as the story of a sloppy scientist too excited about going on vacation to even do his dishes (petri dishes in this case) in a timely manner. Inc Magazine notes this and another 8 examples of great failures in their article “9 Brilliant Inventions Made by Mistake”.

We need to understand that mistakes and failure are irreplaceable organizational hormones required to spur and modulate both innovation and growth at a personal level, at an organizational level, and even at a national level. Continue reading

There is no I in TEAM…But I is at the heart of WIN!

We have continuously been reminded that “there is no I in TEAM”. Understood. Got it. Team play. Collaboration. Everyone together. Teamwork on 3!!.

Yet, each time a team wins, the force that takes that unit to new frontiers is driven by the individuals who have overcome exhaustion and kept going when minds and muscles are beat. It is fueled by the courage to get up after every fall and the endurance to resist opposition and hardship. It is kept alive by the obstinate perseverance to keep going and continue believing against the headwind of sarcasm and disbelief. It is nurtured and emboldened by the courage to face the world and say “the buck stops here”. And victory is always underpinned by the chilling hour of self-appraisal, by the ability of a leader to look in the mirror and accept accountability. Continue reading