Six Great Questions We Must Ask

My good friend and colleague, Zach Snyder was nice enough to transcribe these six questions from an Andy Stanley podcast.  Click here to listen or download the podcast.  Having a standard game plan for evaluating the success of meetings is so key.  We are in the midst of a meeting heavy time right now and our folks are at the breaking point.  We as leaders cannot afford to ask people to give up time for something where there is no solid growth, momentum or Continue reading

The Power of a Book Study

Reading a book as a leadership group is a transformative experience… it just is.

The leadership team here at Western Excelsior has been reading Simple Excellence by Zak and Waddell.  Each week a different member leads the discussion around pizza or ribs as we cover the content of one or two chapters.

We work hard to keep the discussion focused on the text.  Its not a surprise to hear someone clear their throat and call out “What do we think about when they said, ‘___________’ here on page ____?” to politely redirect a conversation careening down a rat-trail.

There is something liberating about Continue reading

What’s Success?


Exactly what is this elusive thing that keeps us daily striving for something more and better?  Personally and professionally, the answers to this question have huge implications.  So much of the emotional waste we wade through each day sprouts from a common root:

We didn’t agree on what success really was.

How does this happen?  Many books have been written with eloquent explanations, but I can offer one observation.  In my humble experience, I often struggle to define success much beyond the reaches of my direct influence.  What I am working on at this Continue reading

The Last Bastion

Do you have a ‘last bastion?’  Israel went through many times like this and I am no different.   Seems silly to still struggle as long as I’ve been at this life and known the secret to my successes is not me (but alas, this is the game the dark one plays).

In my life, there are moments when the problem becomes so BIG and clear.  Not clear like “I’ve never seen that before,” but clear in a “are you finally ready to do something about this?” kind of way.  Clear as in: “Make a choice, man!”  There are a thousand internal excuses and personal histories that must be crushed and forgotten in this step and, if I’m brutally honest, there is usually way to much of me and my pride in the way.  This is one of those moments.